The 20/20 Perspective

Wandering the World Saying "Yes"

Episode Summary

Embracing the world with love and "yes!" means failures are hard to come by.

Episode Notes

Where would you be today if you had no regrets? Can you think back at a time when you said “no” to a potential opportunity for no good reason other than you were fearful of what the outcome would be? Embarrassment, failure, looking dumb, someone laughing at you….


The slight chance of a “no” to our proposition or the fear of an unfavorable outcome to a risk is enough to hold us back from living our dreams, succeeding, and achieving our highest potential. 


And this happens everyday.


In this episode, our guest shares ways he reframes failures and as a result he’s created a life of international travel and unbelievable opportunity. One way includes telling strangers “I love you.” (This is not a joke!) By adopting his reframing strategies, we can also open ourselves up to unexpected opportunities, experiences, and outcomes.


Dean Kuchel is an ambassador, entrepreneur and a thought leader in the Digital Nomad space. He is the founder of “Where is Dean,” Community Leader of “Digital Nomads Israel,” the 4th largest Facebook community for digital nomads with 25,000 members, a public speaker, and a mentor. Dean traveled to more than 100 countries, met thousands of amazing friends, and inspired people all across the globe to 'Say YES! Go Explore'.


Dean’s international wanderlust along with his willingness to say “yes” results in every failure that comes across his path as an opportunity. 


In our conversation with Dean, he shares his positive relationship with failure through:


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